Cover of Addiction: Mastering the Keys to Recovery

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   Why do Drug Dealers, Pornographers and Las Vegas Casinos “HATE” This Book while Thousands in Recovery LOVE it?   Read it and you will know.

 Addiction: The Master Keys to Recovery presents New and Different information about Addiction and Recovery.  It provides Life Long Solutions to one of the most destructive challenges of our time.  Substance Abuse and Addictive Behavior.

You Will Discover How to Overcome Addictions to:  Alcohol and Other Drugs, Gambling, Over-Eating, Pills, Compulsive Sexual Activity, Pornography, Co-Dependency and many other Compulsive Behaviors.                                           End DUI violations.

      Have you seen the Motion Picture “RUDY”, the Notre Dame football story?  RUDY says this about  Addiction: The Master Keys to Recovery. ” Dr. De Vito has written an exceptional guide for anyone seeking to overcome addiction and improve the performance and quality of their lives.  A valuable tool for a lifetime of success!

Excellent resource for educational and recovery programs.

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